If you are staying for a week, these are our recommendations.


Based on having a fairly chilled out time without excessive driving.


We have added ideas for other things to do in separate posts.


Day 1

Walk round Latchi harbour, breakfast at one of the restaurants which have a view of the boats coming and going. Orange juice is not always freshly squeezed, so check before sitting down. Swim in the shared pool downstairs from the apartment or drive and then take a gentle walk to Aphrodite’s pool (not for swimming). Pre-dinner drinks at Porto Latchi. Dinner at Souli Beach Hotel – another restaurant with Barlow family connections; a ten minute walk up to the left (facing the sea). The food is good and you sit by the sea listening to the breaking waves on the shingle beach.
Latchi Harbour
Coral Bay

Day 2

Drive 40 minutes to Coral Bay where the beach is very sandy with a gradual slope into deeper water, and the waves are usually gentle. Lunch at the beach bar with tables and thatched umbrellas, overlooking the beach and a basic choice of sandwiches, pizza or salad. On arrival home, sit on the terrace with a gin and tonic before visiting one of the restaurants in the harbour. These can be quite run-of-the-mill but we liked the Psarapoulos fish restaurant a little further away to the right (facing the sea) beyond the harbour and towards Polis along the boardwalk by the beach.

Day 3

Drive to Paphos. Follow signs to “Tourist Area” and “Harbour”, park in the free car park and walk right. Pass the restaurants and shops until you reach the castle. Meal at one of the restaurants, but best avoid the Pelican which is trading on its past reputation. Read a few reviews on Tripadvisor if you don’t believe us!

Walk away from the harbour to the left along a lovely path past hotels. Swim off the rocks using a ladder or arrive at two small beaches. The first one could easily be missed; it has no beach bar but is nice. If you like to listen to music and be a bit more crowded use the second one. A pair of beach shoes is a good buy if you have trouble walking over pebbles into the sea.

On the way back to the car, call in at the nut and sweet shop for honey-roasted nuts of many types and Cyprus (a.k.a. Turkish) Delight. Also have a look in one of the two leather shops for handbags, belts, wallets etc.

Paphos Harbour
Viklari “The Last Castle”

Day 4

Lounge around on Latchi Beaches which are a bit stoney, so use those specially-bought shoes if that’s a problem for you. You can walk straight down to the beach on the left, but we also like the beach to the right. You can take the car and park there, or walk along the boardwalk until you see the umbrellas. There are changing rooms and showers there and you can also purchase drinks and snacks at the nearby bar.

Head over the hills past Kathikas, down to the coast and right along the coast road signed to Akamas to reach Viklari “The Last Castle” Restaurant for lunch. Be sure to book first especially on Sundays to get an edge stone table with spectacular views.


Day 5

Try Chix-Chox restaurant in the Central Square of Polis. Ask for the non-touristic menu and choose some lovely “starters” to share for a DIY light meze lunch. Really delicious mushrooms, dolmades, stuffed aubergines, courgettes and also home-made bread. Different from the identikit menus usually offered.

Book a table for the evening at Moustakallis Restaurant in Polis. It is great food and they are very welcoming. Richard’s father has known the family for years, and you can’t fail to spot the old man himself with the most amazing moustache!

Moustakallis (himself)
Anassa Hotel

Day 6

Take a taxi and visit the very luxurious Anassa Hotel. The outside terrace is beautiful and if you go about 5:30pm you can watch the sun setting behind the hills of the Akamas nature reserve next to a lovely bay, a really magical experience in the honey coloured gentle light. The cocktails are fantastic (hence the taxi) and the Harvey Wallbanger simply sublime with delicious Cyprus fresh orange juice. The food is pretty expensive, so we just go for an evening drink. Sometimes a pianist plays in the bar, sometimes there is a singer too, adding to the ambience. Cocktails are not cheap but a real treat you won’t forget.